Northern Tier: Washington Back to the Great Lakes

Road travel in the northern United States during winter is challenging. One day can be beautiful and sunny with clear roads; the next can be a treacherous blizzard with impassible highways.  Developing and keeping a consistent schedule under these conditions is simply not practical, especially when mountain passes are involved.  Despite this challenge, the last leg of the Reconnecting the Tribal Trade Routes Roadtrip still include several successful events.


ATNI (Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians) Meeting at Lummi Casino


Native Salad with Additional Tribal Dishes at Lunch

The Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians (ATNI) held their quarterly meeting at Lummi where an Indigenous lunch featured products from American Indian food producers throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond.  The Mobile Farmers Market donated ingredients for our Native Salad recipe, which was a huge hit among conference attendees.  Multiple people even found our food booth to purchase everything they needed to make the dish on their own.


Swinomish Fish Company

The revival in the American Indian treaty rights movement was sparked in the Puget Sound where Billy Frank Jr. refused to let intimidation by state and federal authorities keep him from exercising his right to gather and fish at the Nisqually Tribe’s “usual and accustomed places”.  The 1971 Boldt decision re-recognized Tribal rights to half the catch of salmon and other marine species.  Today, several Tribes operate fish processing operations and management efforts, such as removal of the Elwha Dam on the Olympic Peninsula, are working to restore and improve sustaining natural resources.


Elwha Dam Removal


Market Event at Nisqually


Pikes Market

One of the world’s busiest public markets, Pikes Place has dozens of vendors selling everything from fresh fish to flowers to crafts.  Unfortunately, there are currently no Native vendors, which is a lost opportunity to capture not only market opportunity, but also to build awareness of regional American Indian food producers and artists.  There are a couple nearby art galleries that do feature Pacific Northwest Native art.


Major Potential for Tribal Fish Vendor at Pikes Market


Chaining Up


Rough Roads


I-90 in Idaho


Presenting at MOSES


Market Setup at IAC Staff Meeting


Market Event at Cheyenne River Youth Project


Keya Cafe Kitchen at Cheyenne River Youth Projet


Frozen Tomatoes


Engaging the Youth


Cheyenne River Youth Project Library


Making Salsa


Cheyenne River Exercise Facility


Cows on Cheyenne River


The Indian Horse Whisperer


Health Fair at United Tribes Technical College

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