Making It Mobile

The Mobile Farmers Market features a Sprinter cargo van that provides an excellent combination of capacity and fuel-efficiency.

Mobile Farmers Market Van

Mobile Farmers Market Van

An insulated interior lining will assist temperature control and easy cleaning for excellent sanitation.  Initially, the van is employing a chest freezer and power inverter for transport of frozen goods, but it will soon include a multi-zone freezer and refrigeration system, allowing extremely efficient transport of large cooled loads.

  1. Hi,

    We hosted you at our Native Seeds/SEARCH store this past Saturday. I sampled a tasty wild rice salad with toasted corn. I bought the ingredients and you said I could find the recipe on the website. I can’t seem to find it easily. Husband/ED of NS/S is coming home tomorrow from Seed School in LA and would love to serve it! Thanks.


  2. Would love to hear more about the multi zone cooling. Did this happen yet?

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