Jewelry and Art

The Mobile Farmers Market’s main focus is food, but we also support Native artisan by carrying a small selection of jewelry, crafts, and artwork.  We’re always looking for new artisans to participate in the effort, so get in touch if you’re interested in working with us.

We also recently added artwork and jewelry from the Soutwest.  Cards with beautiful photos from Debbie Lujan at Taos Pueblo are available, and we have an excellent selection of jewelry produced by a variety of artisans in Santa Domingo Pueblo.

See ordering site for availability!

  1. Wendy Paiser

    You should fully develop this sight so we can order from you. I can’t make it to your mobile sights, but I am very interested in your products and want some.

  2. I am also interested in your products but cannot make it to the mobile sites.

  3. How much are the inlay earrings

  4. You have include lots of great information in this post and i recommend them in my own way.Thank you so much for this and keep on it..

    Artisan Earrings

  5. Do you sell inlay earrings? How much?

  6. I am interested in buying some inlay,give me a call 208 243 1285,thank you. Sharon

  7. I am also interested in purchasing some of your earrings… e-mail me at

  8. Interested in wholesale santo domingo inlay earrings, please can you provide me with prices? Thank u

  9. I am interested in the inlays wholesale, please email me at thanks

  10. I am interested in buying whole sale please email me

  11. I looking to buy inlaid earrings wholesale to bead. Can someone help get me in touch with someone. I am looking for hearts, trapazoid large and small, circles, and other shapes.

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