Reconnecting the Tribal Trade Routes Roadtrip: California

The California portion of the Reconnecting the Tribal Trade Routes Roadtrip made numerous stops with outreach meetings and market events in numerous communities, including Soboba, Chumash, Tule River, the USDA State Offices in Davis, Yocha Dehe, and Coyote Valley.  Click this link to read the full story on the California portion of the trip.

California Route

California Route

This portion of the trip has been more focused on outreach than products, but we did have a couple good market events and brought out the products at most of our stops.

Crowded at the USDA State Offices

Crowded at the USDA State Offices

We also added some new products to our inventory with the Yocha Dehe Tribe’s Seka Hills product line of olive oils.  Their operation, which also includes vineyards, livestock, and vegetables, is impressive.


Seka Hills Olive Oil

As in most of region’s on this trip, a couple more weeks (at least) in California would have been nice, but we had a tight timeline to get north to Washington for the ATNI meeting, so our route went north pretty quickly after Friday’s meetings in Coyote Valley.  However, we did get a little time in the redwoods and some nice views of the Pacific Ocean and its coastline.




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