Reconnecting the Tribal Routes Roadtrip

The Mobile Farmers Market van is working to build awareness of unique Tribal food products through a “Reconnecting the Tribal Trade Routes Roadtrip” from January through March.  In addition to selling and featuring various items, are looking to purchase products along the way, so please get in touch ( if you are interested in having your products featured as part of this effort.

We are also using this trip as an outreach opportunity to spread awareness of USDA and other assistance programs, as well as providing technical support.  We’ll also be telling the story of Tribal producers and Native communities along the way, so please check back to learn more.

Roadtrip Map

Roadtrip Map

2 thoughts on “Reconnecting the Tribal Routes Roadtrip

  1. Would you consider stopping on the Spokane Indian Reservation? We are just now formalizing the conversation about food sovereignty and safety and we have a few folks that are interested in gardening to supplement our traditional methods of hunting and gathering.

  2. Definitely. We should be coming through there around February 24th, give or take a day or two, so let get in touch about what works.

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